Hi. I'm Page.

Ever since I can remember, I have been madly in love with art and design. I'm seemingly unable to function without beauty and creativity. I am truly content when I am designing, conceptualizing, or installing floral and décor for an event.

To me, floral and event design is like breathing, like floating on my back in the river, staring at the sky. It’s happiness.

I am a florist; a floral artist. For thirty-five years, since I was fourteen years oldI, this industry has been my home. In the floral shop of a grocery store chain I got my start, scrubbing buckets and copying designs out of wire service books. Quickly, I moved from there to the events department of the biggest shop in my hometown in central Iowa. 

A quarter of a century ago, I moved here, to Portland, Oregon, and continued to work with flowers. This lead to work in retail shops, as a freelancer, and then, after a fashion, I came to work for the largest catering & events company in the state, and became their Floral and Artistic Director. Thirteen years of my career were spent creating a floral brand there, helping change the face of Portland events, becoming a name and a force in the floral world. It was crazy, hard work- long hours and grueling sets, but it was amazing.

And then, one day I left. I had a family, and I thought I needed to prove myself, to pursue a “real job” in the corporate world. While I learned a ton, deep down I was miserable. Gone was the beauty and creativity I craved, and in it's place, spreadsheets and paperwork. I still loved interacting with clients, but I desperately missed designing events.

Covid happened. Life re-set. I spent time with my babies. I worked in an elementary school. I took a deep breath, and started designing again. Soon after, for many reasons, I said, "That's it. I’m doing this. I’m going to do my own thing."
And just like that, Page Elliott was born (and here I am, in the happily ever after.)